OUR WHY: Difference makers are curious about people, problems, and possibilities, and are more inclined to ask questions than give answers. They are creative in their willingness to embrace unorthodox solutions, unexpected partners, and imaginative insights. And they are courageous enough to dream the impossible, go out on limbs, and risk failure. Curiosity, creativity, and courage are vital, innate qualities that can be fostered or neglected. Those who neglect their development will be prone to quick answers and surface solutions. Only those who foster their development will be equipped to make a difference in the world through Jesus Christ.

OUR HOW: In June of 2015, members of the Student Life team began renovating sections of the old barn at the south end of campus. Today, the Barn at Corban is a thriving endeavor oriented around fostering the curiosity, creativity, and courage of Corban students, employees, alumni, and friends in the Salem community. Through the encouragement of “What if?” thinking, and inspiring “Can I?” experimentation, Barn programs and services foster members’ intellectual and creative curiosities.

Encouraging “What if?” thinking

The Barn at Corban has programs dedicated to fostering the intellectual curiosity required for healthily engaging today’s complex, ambiguous, and unpredictable challenges. Milkshed Symposiums are once-a-semester, small group conversation opportunities with a faculty guide; the Barn’s thought-provoking video podcasts can be accessed at www.corban.edu. The Barn also has inspiring spaces you can reserve for your own “what if?” thinking.

Inspiring “Can I?” experimentation

The Barn at Corban inspires experimentation through art/craft classes. Open Table Hours allow you to use our spaces, surfaces, and tools for personal projects. And the Barn’s gallery offers inspiring, free showcase events. “Can I?” features in the near future include the addition of a 3D printer, video production studio, and woodshop (following the completion of an orientation class).