The Barn: Inspiring Creativity and Courage

Difference makers are curious about people, problems, and possibilities, and are more inclined to ask questions than give answers. They…

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1, 2 & 3 John: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary by Gary Derickson

Due to the rich thoroughness of his exegesis, Derickson’s addition is a must-have commentary for anyone studying John’s epistles. Derickson…

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A Unique Partnership: Janine Allen Shares the Story of Corban’s Relationship with Indonesia

Janine Allen, Corban University's Associate Provost for Global Engagement, shares the story behind Corban's relationship with Indonesia in…

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Randy Cranston

A Heart that Wouldn’t Give Up: Randy Cranston, Corban Alum, Shares His Story

Randy Cranston, Corban University alum, tells his story adopting three boys through the Department of Human services with his wife Judi. He…

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Mikaela Hines Creates Spaces for the Women of Corban

Mikaela Hines, Resident Assistant at Corban University, has a heart for young women. She hopes to become a women's pastor, where she can…

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Nancy Thies Marshall Recognized for Career as Gymnast and Advocate for Athlete Wellness

Nancy Thies Marshall was recently inducted into the University of Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame, 45 years after her historic performance…

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Gina Ochsner, Corban’s Writer in Residence, Researches for Next Novel in Eastern Europe

Gina Ochsner, acclaimed author of short stories and novels and Corban's Writer in Residence, has spent the last nine years building…

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Jerry Skiles, farmer and missionary

Unconventional Missionaries, Unconventional Farmers: Meet Jerry and Cherry Skiles

Jerry and Cherry Skiles spent twenty years living in Ivory Coast as missionaries, but with the start of a civil war, they were forced to…

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Creator and Visionary: Steve Hunt, More than an Artist

Steve Hunt served Corban for 52 years before retiring in August 2017. As a final gift to the University, he painted a landscape of the…

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Landscapes and Portraits: Ryan McDonald Shoots for a Purpose

Ryan McDonald, Media Arts student, has found a way to use his camera to support fair trade and Christian companies.

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Adjectives and Constellations: Callie Adams Embraces Argentina

Callie Adams spent six weeks in Argentina practicing her Spanish and serving with the Iglesia Centro Crecer. In addition to gaining a…

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Dr. Ryan Stark discusses his recent publications

Dr. Ryan Stark Discusses His Recent Publications, Killer Robots, and Cuttlefish

Dr. Ryan Stark brings a combination of amusement and academic rigor to the classroom as well as his research, in areas ranging from satire…

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