Finding Balance: International Student Nikki Triestan Shares Her Story

“The ‘e’ is silent,” says Nikki Triestan, referring to the fourth letter in her last name. Although she is Indonesian by passport, she’s Chinese by birth, and in Chinese culture,…

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What Does it Mean to Be Well? Dr. Doug Crowell Brings a Biblical Perspective to Exercise Science

What does it mean to be healthy? Exercise science professor Dr. Doug Crowell challenges his students to view health and wellness from a different perspective than popular…

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A Legacy of Christian Education: Pat Mennenga Named “Distinguished Alumni of the Year”

“If you’re going to build an education, why not build it on truth?” Pat Mennenga and his wife Rea have invested their lives in Christian education.

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A Mind for Business and a Heart for Service: Bryce Petersen named “Young Alumni of the Year”

Bryce Petersen ('13) was an elementary education major until his grandfather passed away and left him an auto appraisal business. As he began to navigate his new business, Bryce…

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Physics as a Spiritual Science: Dr. Yufeng Zhao Shares How the Natural World Led Him to God

“Of all the disciplines, I think physics is one of the most fundamental sciences—and is also highly spiritual.” Dr. Yufeng Zhao, Corban University’s new Assistant Professor of…

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“Getting My Joy Back”: Lily Ellerton’s 30-Year Journey to Restoration

For 27 years, an abusive marriage had postponed Lily Ellerton's dream of pursuing an academic education. But Lily had never given up on God's promise to "heal the brokenhearted…

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Stepping Into a Kenyan Classroom: Dr. Kristin Dixon Expands Her Students’ Worldview

What would you do if you were handed a Kenyan standards book and asked to teach fractions to a fourth grade class? Four Corban education students found out this past May when they…

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“Chosen for Such a Time”: Alumna Maryann Remsburg’s Debut Novel Brings the Story of Esther to Life

Maryann had no aspirations to write a book, much less a novel that combined romance with terrorism and betrayal in the White House! But about nine years ago, while Maryann was…

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What to Do with a Piano Performance Degree: Melody Shares Her Story

At first, Melody didn’t see how a four-year degree in music would be practical—especially a degree in piano performance. So she decided to major in accounting instead, and keep…

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